About Fretex

Fretex is a social enterprise, established in 1905. The organisation has four autonomous regional branches covering various geographical areas in Norway, consisting of six main locations and 43 second-hand shops all over Norway.

Fretex is entirely owned by the Norwegian Salvation Army.

Fretex is a major contributor in the field of recycling in Norway, both in textiles and paper. Fretex employs about 400 staff members who serve the interests of approximately 1600 clients.

The organisations social activities are intended for unemployed people, socially disadvantaged such as immigrants, prisoners, elderly, and people with disabilities. Social activities include:
- Assessment and 'try-out' programmes
- Place and training programmes
- Qualifying programmes
- Employment

Fretex is a member of AVRE, the Norwegian Association of Vocational and Rehabilitation Enterprises.

Are you interested in buying clothes from Fretex International AS?

We are sorry to inform you that we are sold out for the time beeing, but potential clients can register by filling in the enclosed document and e-mail it to Per Moberg.